Thursday, July 06, 2006

Avengers Dream Team #4


On a power level with Thor or her cousin, the Incredible Hulk, Jennifer Walters adds exuberance for super heroics that most of the rest of the team doesn’t have. She enjoys her job as She-Hulk even more than she likes lawyering as Jennifer, and it shows. Whether she’s enjoying a good scrap or holding up a collapsing building until all the children are saved, she’s doing it with gusto. She’s erudite and will use five dollar words while kicking your ass leaving you wondering how you got so lucky as to have this jade vision take you into custody. This leads me to the last thing Shulkie brings to the table. While she’s not the only woman on the team and not the only hottie, she is the only 7 foot tall, statuesque one. Her ability to stop traffic, either with her muscles or her looks, is legendary and belongs on this team.

Ah, Shulkie. She just missed inclusion on my list; my first real exposure to She-Hulk was the issue when she first joined the Avengers, and I've had a special place in my heart for her ever since; but, love Jen as I do, I just couldn't find room for her in my line-up. But rest assured, when we eventually run out of other ideas and do a "Legion of Super Lawyers" column, she'll be at the top of my list.

Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers has been a presence in several of my all-time favorite comic books. The first issue I ever bought of The Avengers was #200, the issue where Ms. Marvel left the team to traipse off to Limbo with her son/lover Marcus (not quite as icky as it sounds, but close); in many ways this issue solidified my ideas of who the quintessential Avengers were, as will be evident by the time I finish my list and you see that 4 out of my 7 were members at that time. Coincidentally, the next issue I remember buying was Annual #10, which featured her return from Limbo, as well as her total depowering by Rogue. I then followed her adventures over in Uncanny X-Men where she became Binary, but while I was glad to see her re-powered, to be honest, I really, really missed the Ms. Marvel outfit, which for some reason is one of my favorite female super-hero costumes. But I digress. Experience, power, a warrior's instincts, and a cool costume: that's why Ms. Marvel has to be on my Avengers team.

We find that dreams can come true as our good Cap'n gets his wish and Captain Marvel returns to the Avengers (if you consider the current group to be the Avengers, which I understand is hotly debated) and her own book. I'll tell you, I love the idea of a perpetually B-List superheroine realizing that there's no good reason for her not to be A-List if she'd just put her mind to it. Its an interesting take and a surprisingly good reason to give her a series when, I'll be honest, I really couldn't think of one. I'm prepared to acquiesce on this one, especially since I'm pretty sure Dan Slott has made it impossible for me to like anyone else writing Jennifer.

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