Monday, August 14, 2006

And Now a Brief Word from Our Sponsors

Well come on down to Gorilla City
We got all the gorillas you need
We got Gorilla Grodd

and Solivar

And Beppo the Super Monkey

We got Congorilla

and B'wana Beast
Every super powered monkey from the West to East
Monsieur Mallah

and Djuba

are both deceased
But we got 'em here anyhow

If you come on down to Gorilla City
You know you're bound to stay for more than one night
We got Detective Chimp,

Sam Simeon,

and the Ultra-Humanite

We got Giganta

and Titano

You know the kids are gonna bug you
'cause they just gotta go
To the only hidden city with an invisible dome
Unless you count Atlantis and Kandor

Gorilla City: it's not just for gorillas anymore.

"Gorilla City" lyrics by master filkers Ookla the Mok from their monkey concept album "Smell No Evil"
"Infinite Monkeys Press" blurbs by the deranged mind of Cap'n Neurotic

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