Sunday, August 27, 2006

Random Comic Book Panel Theater: A Rebuttal

With all due respect to Chris of Chris's Invincible Super-Blog who is, by and large, the foremost expert on what constitutes awesomness in all walks of life, I believe that his recent argument about Red Tornado being totally emo, while containing some valid points, is working on dated information. I mean, sure, in his early appearances, Reddy was little more than a walking punching bag for the rest of the League, but by the time Fury of Firestorm #4 rolled around, he had evolved into something so totally non-emo, it's frightening:

That's right: he's gone from "whiney stumble bum punching bag emo" Reddy to "quoting an SNL skit which was long dead by the time this was published" Reddy.

A vast improvement, I would say.


Chris Sims said...

Lest you forget, there's another DC superstar who feels it's necessary to quote that line. And I think we all know how incredibly hatable that guy is.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Curses! You've effectively rebuttaled my rebuttal!

And, even worse, you made me relive a Terry Long experience!

I feel unclean.