Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Avengers Dream Team #2


When it comes to raw power in the Marvel Universe, you can’t top the Mighty Thor. He’s so powerful he’d probably be able to hang in the DC Universe. There isn’t much to Thor other than being a raging powerhouse. Well, he does have the hammer and the hammer gives him the ability to fly, travel across dimensions (although usually only home to Asgard), hit people at great distances and spin it as a shield to deflect just about any attack thrown at him. Combine all that power, that weapon and the fact that Thor isn’t creative enough to know when to quit and you’ve got the “brick” of the Avengers.

I object to Thor solely on the basis that all of the "thee"s and "thou"s give me a headache.

Remember that scene in Busiek's run that I mentioned last time? Well, our boy Wendell Vaughn was right there with Monica in the "I Heart Avengers" club. Plus, there's the cosmic-level powers and that whole "protector of the universe" thing. Oddly enough, I never really read Avengers while Quasar was a member; however, I was a huge fan of his solo series, and it's been a bummer that he's been moved to the background of the Marvel Universe since its cancellation. It would do my heart good to see Quasar back in the big leagues again; I've had great fear that Marvel might use the Annihilation "event" as an excuse to knock Wendell off.
If they did, I can only hope that it would be Kid Reaper who came to collect.

I'll give you Ye Olde Queen's Englishe gets really annoying from Thor, especially becuse he's a VIKING. STOOPID. I blame Stan for that side of things (not my precious King, no sir!). Let's replace Thor with... BETA RAY BILL!!!

Quasar is a good pick! I think in the MU someone who's operating on a "cosmic" scale is a very good idea. I mean, Thor sort of kicks out the jams on a higher plane, but he's not much for gathering intel which means he only knows what Odin wants him to know. Quasar has got his cosmic gauntleted finger on the pulse of the universe. Considering how often all roads lead to Earth in the MU, that makes good sense. Wow, where's the controversy? Is this just a goofy love fest where we disagree but admire eachother's intentions and forethought? LAME. Let's find something to argue about.

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