Saturday, June 03, 2006

Justice League Dream Team #6

Zatanna (fishnets)

Sweet Christmas, I LOVE Zatanna. She’s like that soulful and talented artsy chick that is super hot but has no idea how hot she is. On top of that, being half homo magi, she wields an amazing level of mystical might. Also, as the daughter of Zatarra, she has access to decades of spells, research and lore at her fingertips. The kicker is, due to her great relationship with her father, she’s already studied and knows most of it! On a final note, my League needs someone who can pull off fishnets without looking like a Rocky Horror reject and, as much as I love the Black Canary, Zatanna leads the League in hotness.

All right, something we disagree on!

Sort of.

I mean, yes, Zatanna is one of my picks. Out of the small number of magic users who have graced the League over the years, Zee is the only one whose presence automatically screams "Justice League!" to me; the first issue of Justice League of America I can remember buying for myself was a Zatanna-centred storyline. I mourned her departure from the League during the Justice League Detroit days, not only because it removed one of my favorite characters from the book, but also because the storyline itself was SO horrendous. But I digress.

So, if I agree on picking Zatanna, where is my quibble with Tate. That's easy: the fishnets.

That's right: I hate Fishnet Zatanna.

Chalk it up to my contrarian nature, if you must, since practically every fanboy out there seems smitten by them, but I've never been able to get 100% behind the stage magician look as a costume for Zee. Sexy? Definitely. Heroic? Eh.

Me, I prefer my Zatanna in something a bit more super-hero-y

Skipping why we all love Zatanna (and we ALL do, every single last one of us), we'll go right to the Great Fishnet Controversy. I agree that Zatanna needs a super-hero outfit, but I maintain that the stage magician's outfit is much better than her other one. From the List of Bad Things, you can see that I want to get at least a suggestion of what a character is able to do from their costume and/or name. That's the most classic trait of the super-hero outfit and one of the major things that distinguished the super-hero from the pulp hero. Skin tight outfits with snazzy colors, chest emblems and capes all scream super-hero in a generic way, but the stage magician outfit literally tells Zatanna's origin (the short version anyway) as you look at her...up and down...very, very slowly. As soon as you see her, you know how she fights crime and what her day job is. AND SHE'S FREAKIN' SMOKIN' HOT IN IT! See the offering below and we'll let the fans decide.

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