Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And now begins phase II . . .

Well, we're a week in here at They Came From Earth-K, and our readership level isn't exactly setting the blogosphere on fire (yes, we demand instant gratification), so let's go down the Comic Geek Checklist real quick to see what we're missing:
  • Spewing forth rampant negativity: check.
  • Championing one comic company over another, basically claiming that one is perfection and the other is total crap: check.
  • Eviscerating film adaptations because they don't conform to what's in the comics: check
  • Moaning and complaining in general: check.
  • Trying to convince others that we don't read comics just for the pretty pictures, even though we kind of do: check.
  • Compiling "dream lists" of characters . . . I think we have a winner!
Starting tomorrow, we will begin our weekly wishlist series, wherein we wax poetic about our "ultimate" line-ups of characters, creators, etc. To begin with, we'll be crafting our ultimate lineups for some of our favorite super-hero teams.

The groundrules are simple (or as simple as any groundrules created by the Legion of Wordy Bastages can be):

  1. Tate and I shall both create a list of our dream line-up of a team
  2. The list shall be comprised of seven team members and one alternate/provisional member/n00b
  3. The seven members can be anyone, alive or dead, pre-Crisis, post-Crisis, post-ZH, post-post-Crisis, who has ever served on the team
  4. The alternate can be anyone, alive or dead, pre-Crisis, post-Crisis, post-ZH, post-post-Crisis, who has never served on the team
  5. There is no other set criteria; no quota of speedsters, powerhouses, telepaths, etc.
  6. Each post will contain one selection from each of us, as well as our comments/critiques of the other's choice
First up tomorrow will be our first picks for the premiere super-team of the DCU: The Justice League

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Cap'n Cluck said...

Oh my goodness, it's a Fantasy Comic Book League! Wait! Aren't comic books aready fantasy? And how do you determine who wins? I quess you have to rerad each comic to see which character has the most bad a$$ fight with the most Eeeeeeevil vilian.

Have a Cluckity Cluck Cluck Earth-K Day!