Monday, May 01, 2006

Greetings From Earth-K!

Greetings, citizens of Earth-Prime, from across the vibrational divide. I am one of your hosts, Cap'n Neurotic

I'm the other host, Bubblegum Tate.

But you can call us SuperGeek-Red and SuperGeek-Blue. We have come here from Earth-K for one reason, and one reason only: to blog about comic books. That's a good use of dimension-hopping powers, right?

Don't answer that! Don't question us! Behold! Our opinions are mighty!* They shall range far and wide, like the toll of terrible bells! ** They shall shake your interweb and crack it asunder!***

As to why we're doing this, well, let's just say that if Tate and I were to form a super-team back home, we'd have to call it The Legion of Wordy Bastages (and there would only be two of us -Tate). Gifted (some would say cursed) with penchants for verbosity, hyperbole, and egocentricity, we are compelled to spew forth our opinions to as many people as humanly possible; this particular blogosphere is merely our latest victim.

Our opinions could not be held in check by our own dimension. Pray that yours is more durable.

Our goals are simple: to enlighten, elucidate, and entertain at least three times a week (MWF), and possibly more if we're feeling especially loquacious (which we usually are). We'll be reviewing new comics, reminiscing about old comics, skewering crappy comics, and ranting about anything and everything comic-related as it comes to mind.

The fact of the matter is that blogging, in all its myriad forms is self indulgent and an attempt to get faceless masses to indulge you in your own psychoses, possibly with an eye toward some sort of gain. I ask you, dear reader, what could be more comic book than THAT? Take out blogging and insert "conquering the world" or "moon based death-rays" and faceless masses with "hired henchmen" and you've essentially got ever super-villainous plot in the history of four color madness! Essentially, we want others to pay attention to us and stroke our egos, even if it’s just with your attention, as much as any fiend who ever put on a garish costume to do battle with his own insecurities (and costumed do-gooders, naturally). The essence of blogging is low-rent super-villainy.

Or, at the very least, low-rent totalitarian super-heroing a la The Authority or Gruenwald's Squadron Supreme.

Anyway, be sure to come back tomorrow as we christen our new comic book blog with that time honored comic geek tradition: raging negativity!

*You must forgive my compatriot: he was bitten by a radioactive Kirby at a young age
He was also exposed to a carrier of the dreaded "Excelsior!" virus
***And then there was the encounter with the rabid Quesada . . .

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